Día de la Hispanidad 2018

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Intro Hispanidad

Lenguaje Plástico Colombiano
icon BUILDING Miller Outdoor Theatre
icon PEOPLE Ceibales de Salta
icon CALENDAR Friday, October 12th
icon LOCATION 6000 Hermann Park Dr,
Houston, TX. 77030
icon TIME 7:30 PM

Día de la Hispanidad

The Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston, Inc. and Miller Theatre Advisory Board Present the 33rd Annual Día de la Hispanidad DAY OF THE HISPANIC WORLD.

The Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston, Inc. will dedicate the Friday, October 12th Day of the Hispanic World- Dia de la Hispanidad to Argentina. The show will feature a five piece folkloric musical band from Argentina, Ceibales de Salta, and a folkloric dance group from Dallas , Alma Salvaje ,in the 34th annual presentation at Miller Outdoor Theatre. In addition, a local musical group, SUR, will be featured as the audience arrives and is seated from 6:30 until 7:15 pm. Show starts at 7:30 pm.



Ceibales de Salta was born in 2001, as were many other musical groups of the beautiful geographic area of Salta in Argentina. Destiny caused , in some way, the joining of professional guitarists to follow the path of song and Ceibales was not an exception.

Four friends, with unconditional support of family and friends, were able to embark on the road of popular folkloric music, and in time, were able to become one of the major musical groups in Salta. What, at first was a fun musical group of friends, became a reality of a beautiful dream. It is not known in what moment the singing of songs is no longer for personal enjoyment and becomes a compromise, that as Saltenos, is carried in the soul, a greater responsibility left by the teachers of such music: El Cuchi, Barba Castella, Abel Monico Saravia, Hernan Figuora Reyes, Jorge Cafune, Eduardo Foler, y Los Chalchaleros.

The members of Ceibales de Salta are:

Hernan Espina Miranda:

Hernan Espina Miranda: first and third vocalist, violin, charango, guitar and wind instruments.

Adrian Fleita:

Adrian Fleita: first guitar and base vocalist.

Quito Leccess:

Quito Leccess: second vocalist , rhythmic guitar.

Matias Chavez Diaz:

Matias Chavez Diaz: Matias Chavez Diaz: first and third vocalist, guitar and bombo.

Since 2009, Los Ceibales de Salta have prepared a new performance level, looking for a personal new way of continuing to make traditional music combine with a force that characterizes each of them. They search for an evolution both as a person and a musician. Music from all the Hispanic world is now incorporated into their musical presentations.

Los Ceibales de Salta have played for audiences in many of the New England States of America. We, here in Houston, will have the pleasure of their performance and celebrate , not only Argentina , but all the Hispanic countries through their music.

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