Reassemblies: Stories in Brick An Installation by Alexander Squier

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Reassemblies: Stories in Brick

The word “immigration” generally elicits a strong response, negative or positive, depending on who you ask. “Migration”, on the other hand, suggests something more natural, a pattern perpetually redefined, an undeniable truth. By extending this more neutral understanding of migration to immigration, artist Alexander Squier hopes to complicate the discussion of immigration beyond one of good vs. bad by recontextualizing the movement of people, materials, and even earth itself across time and space, and by blending narratives of movements and transpositions with archaeological and sociological theatre.

Squier interviews, masons, historians and industry experts, asking them to respond to bricks recovered from demolition sites around Houston. A few of the bricks the artist has collected are native to Houston area, these would include the Cordell Reds, and Lucas Bricks. Others instead hail from several Texas towns such as Thurber, Corsicana, and Groesbeck, or other parts of the United States such as Kansas and Chicago. Several Mexican brick manufacturers are represented as well.

In addition to filmed interviews, Squier has presented the bricks as archaeological artifacts, processing them over months in an obsessive study that includes rubbings and intense photo and video documentation of their physical qualities. Their surfaces are scrutinized, their makeup is questioned, and their origins are traced, much like people. Though processed individually at times, the final expression is of the bricks operating together, as they were always intended to.

The opening reception will take place on August 26th, at 6:30 PM at the Institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston, located at 3315 Sul Ross St., Houston TX 77098. The exhibition will run until September 30th, 2017. ​This event is open to the public, general admission is free. Please register here.


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